Ertugrulin Urdu, dubbed

Dirilis Ertugrul in Urdu, Fully Dubbed

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Ertugrul in Urdu was just a matter of time. Not only has Ertugrul Ghazi now arrived in Pakistan, but he also speaks Urdu!

Pakistan TV is broadcasting the Turkish series Resurrection: Ertugrul, with Urdu dubbing, in its primetime Ramadan viewing slot this year.

Ertugrul in Urdu seems to be an instant hit, judging from the 1.5 million views on PTV’s YouTube channel after 2 days of airing.

Season 1 of Resurrection: Ertugrul, or Dirilis: Ertugrul as it is known in Turkish, began in Turkey in 2014.

According to one report on May 8, 2020:

The director of the digital for Turkish Radio & Television (TRT), Riyaad Minty spoke to BBC Urdu about the success of the drama in the South Asian nation. Minty is the head of the TRT team working with Pakistan Television to broadcast this show in Pakistan.

“Ertuğrul has gone viral in Pakistan and its episodes are trending on YouTube in Pakistan every day,” Minty said, adding that there are more than 30 million views and over 600,000 subscribers on Youtube channel.

Subtitled versions of the Ertugrul series have drawn a huge following all over the world.

This is not actually the first time Ertugrul has been dubbed, with the full cast speaking a language other than Turkish. Ertugrul dubbed in Arabic is available here.

Whether you watch  Ertugrul in Urdu, or in another language, we hope you enjoy it! Here are more reommended films – Islamic and Sufi.




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