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Love: The Essence of LIfe


Love – the essence of life – is everywhere there is life. Love is the essence of life. We have it. It’s the very substance we are made of.

That’s why we look for it, but we should look for it in us, not outside of us. Love’s conclusion is happiness.

To get love and happiness, we need to clean our hearts and keep our hearts open. Cleaning our hearts is to forgive, to help, to share, to give of ourselves. Love is an energy inhabiting everything. It proceeds from heavens, from the centre of life, and looks for the hearts ready to carry it. These are some of the points addressed in this video.

Listen to it, to hear the rest.

This video was our contribution to an Instagram “Marathon of Love” event in Kazahstan, in April 2021.

Subtitles available: English, French, Arabic, Russian, German, Spanish



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