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The 4 Enemies of the Soul: Hawa, Loss of Direction (EoS_4)


Hawa, Loss of Direction is the 4th video in a series entitled THE 4 ENEMIES OF THE SOUL.

In it, Sidi Farhat Jouini talks about “hawa” which is the Arabic word to denote the pursuit of vain desires, or the loss of direction throughout life.

We recommend that you watch all the videos in the series.

Video 1:
Ego, Our Worst Enemy, the Illegitimate Child of the Soul (EoS_1)

Video 2:
The Four Enemies of the Soul: shaitan asta`idhu billah (EoS_2)

Video 3:
The 4 Enemies of the Soul: Dunya, The World of Illusion (EoS_3)

Rasulullah ﷺ said we have four enemies, not more:

  • Ego
  • Shaitan, lower, evil energy
  • Dunya, love of materiality
  • Hawa, vain desires, vain directions, loss of direction

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