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The 4 Enemies of the Soul: EGO, Our Worst Enemy (EoS_1)


In this video, the first in a series on the Four Enemies of the Soul, Sidi Farhat gives a unique perspective on the Ego, Our Worst Enemy.

Rasulullah ﷺ said we have four enemies, not more. The four enemies are:

  • Ego
  • Shaitan, lower, evil energy
  • Dunya, love of materiality
  • Hawa, vain desires, vain directions

After this video on Ego, our worst enemy, Sidi Farhat intends to speak about the other three enemies of humanity in subsequent videos.

The other videos in this series so far are:

Video 2:
The Four Enemies of the Soul: shaitan asta`idhu billah.


Video 3:
The 4 Enemies of the Soul: Dunya, The World of Illusion (EoS_3)




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