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A Good Qur’an App for your Phone or Desktop


Mama Habiba here, with a few thoughts on how to approach the Noble Qur’an. That’s too big a topic for this post, of course. But I thought at least I could tell you about my favourite Qur’an app.

iQuran Lite or Pro ReviewAs a non-native Arabic speaker and student of Islam, I’ve been using the free iQuran Lite—and now iQuran Pro—for many years.

Whether you’re a new Arabic speaker, a beginner, or Arabic is your mother tongue, you may find iQuran Lite or Pro very useful.

Here are the main features of the free version, iQuran Lite, and the paid (but very affordable) version, iQuran Pro


iQuran Lite

  1. The app works offline. So you can listen to the Qur’an without being connected to the Internet, after the initial download.
  2. There are no ads. Yay!
  3. The design is elegant and uncluttered.
  4. You can view Arabic text only, or Arabic and a verse-by-verse English translation.
  5. You get a clear recitation by Sheikh Husary.
  6. Colour-coded Tajweed rules, for proper pronunciation, are included.
  7. You can listen to a surah or group of ayas on an auto-repeat loop.
  8. Tapping and holding a verse lets you bookmark, take notes, copy to clipboard, or share via SMS, email, Twitter or Facebook.
  9. You can set a reminder to read Surah al Kahf every Friday.
  10. There’s a Du’a section.
  11. A search function is included.
  12. It’s available for Android, IOS, Windows or Mac.
  13. The Lite version limits you to downloading the audio of 10 surahs per day.
    Get iQuran Lite on Google Play.

iQuran Pro

  1. The paid version costs only US$2.59, one time, and gives you a full download without delay.
  2. You can listen to eight reciters instead of one: Husary, Minshawi, Abdul Basit, Mishary Rashed Al-Afasy, Sudais & Shuraim, Abu Bakr Ash-Shatree, Ghamdi, and Mahir Al-Muayqali.
  3. Rather than of one English translation, you get five: Shakir, Yusuf Ali, Pickthal, Mohsin Khan and Muhammad Asad.
  4. Transliteration is available.
  5. You get translations into many languages: French, German, Farsi, Urdu, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Bosnian, Dutch, Italian, Albanian, Romanian, Japanese, Bangla and Melayu.
  6. Also, you can increase the Arabic text size, a feature I really appreciate these days.
    Get iQuran Pro at Google Play.

So there you have it. iQuran is great. Hope you enjoy using it! ?

Are you using iQuran Lite? Pro? What else? Please leave a comment below.

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