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Confronting Transhumanism and Neo-Nihilism

Talk by Shaykh Nazim Al-Haqqani ق in 1984

Who Is Son of Adam?

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. La hawla wa la quwwata illa billahi-l Aliyy-ul Azeem.

We are listening what coming from our Spiritual Central. Spiritual headquarters, what saying we are listening. Allah Almighty gives us ear for listening, giving eyes for looking, giving heart for understanding but we are using our ears in wrong way, our eyes in wrong way, our hearts in wrong direction.

Therefore, we are looking but not seeing. We are hearing but we are not understanding. We are knowing but not feeling. Without feeling, knowledge nothing. Knowledge when gives, when moves feelings, that is useful knowledge.

I’m asking from my Grandsheikh to give us from Awliyas’ knowledge, to move our hearts towards our Lord’s direction. Every direction for our Lord. By the name of Allah Almighty, All Merciful. Yawmun jadeed, rizqun jadeed. New day, new lecture. Must be.

When I was praying, some inspirations coming. It is important. The inspirations towards the value of man. You understanding? The value of man – on this point just came. We shall look what is coming for completing. Grandsheikh translating to me from Prophet’s heart and I am translating to you from our Grandsheikh’s heart, Allah blessings him.

No any other religion just gave the value of mankind as Islam gave for him. And also, through tariqats, no one giving value to mankind as most distinguished Naqshbandi Order giving. And among Grandsheikhs, as our Grandsheikh giving the value for sons of Adam, for mankind, I never heard.

Most important thing for everyone from mankind to know what is the value of him.  For everyone that created as a man, as one of sons of Adam. That is most important knowledge that must be learned, everyone. If everyone knowing what is the value of him, or for himself and for everyone, this world going to be as a paradise.

But now we are losing that value, and whole world going to be as a hell. East and West. In East, no value for individual, no value in East. In West, they are considering individual people also as something from material being, considering as a robot.

If a person going to be as a robot, what it may be in need? Western countries that we are saying free countries, everyone can find for himself everything that may be in need as a robot. Western countries’ systems stealing hearts of people and leaving them without hearts. Among East and West, value of people lost. Has been lost. Finished. That is the source of suffering and troubles and problems.

One of East stole whole, individual people, no more value for individual person. West taking his heart and leaving as robot. Both of them finishing the value of mankind.
Among East and West, other countries, some of them going after East, they are camping in East camp. Some of them camping in Western camps. And Muslim world also going to be divided into two camps, East and West. And no camp for Muslims now, to be under it, to take a shelter themselves, no.

And so on in Islamic world also, Muslim world, they lost the value of man, of mankind. And Allah Almighty just sent the Seal of Prophets, the most valuable one, most important one and beloved one, Muhammad ﷺ, peace be upon him, to teach forever to mankind whom they are and what is their value.

Allah Almighty sending one verse in Holy Quran, saying for the value of mankind that that verse never coming from heavens except on Beloved Muhammad ﷺ. You may read, you may recite through other verses not taking too much care on it. And our scholars also giving some meanings taken of that verse. It is a part of verse also, not complete verse. It is only three, four words. Astaidhu billah,

وَلَقَدْ كَرَّمْنَا بَنِي آدَمَ

wa laqad karamna bani Adam (17:70)

And surely We have honoured the children of Adam.

You may do four words, or you may do three words, or you may do with “wow” five words. But Allah Almighty giving perfect value for sons of Adam in a part of verse “wa laqad karamna bani Adam”.

If whole Awliyas – I am not speaking from the scholars. Scholars’ knowledge stopping now. I am speaking from Awliyas’ knowledge. If whole Awliyas giving their knowledge that they have been given for that verse, it is not enough to give real value that Allah Almighty saying “karramna” – on one word.

That is one word through three, or four, or five words. That is the value that Allah Almighty giving to sons of Adam. “Karamna”. Just I heard from my Grandsheikh, 40 years on that word. Yet that ocean in his heart, he went away. Because if he going to leave that huge knowledge, maybe to be a flood, coming down every knowledge. And their knowledge for the value of sons of Adam finally, going to be ended by a limit. Awliyas’ knowledge about the value of sons of Adam going to finish because they can’t go through Prophet’s oceans.

Prophet’s oceans, it is for him, peace be upon him, only. No anyone can go to that limit that Prophet, peace be upon him, Beloved Muhammad ﷺ, going. No one can reach. Even Jibrail cannot reach. Not permitted for Gabriel to go to that station that Beloved Muhammad ﷺ standing and taking. And Prophet Muhammadﷺ’s oceans, compared to ours, endless. But comparing to Allah knowledge, it is in limits. When you are comparing Muhammad ﷺ, his knowledge oceans that he has been given from his Lord Almighty, going to be only a little spot that remains on a needle when you are putting in an endless ocean.

In an endless ocean, when you are putting a needle, what standing on the point of needle that little spot. The head of needle that spot. What takes needle from an endless ocean, Prophet’s knowledge going to be when you are comparing it with Allah Almighty’s knowledge. It is going to be a little spot. And little spot that Prophet is taking comparing our knowledge, our knowledge going to be that little spot in an ocean, but limited ocean.

You must know about your Lord and about His Prophets. And also the Sultan of Prophets. Other prophets’ knowledges and other Awliyas’ and all angels’ knowledge going to be a little spot on a needle, when a needle taking from an ocean, but limited ocean. And Prophet’s knowledge, it is going to be as a little spot in an endless ocean.

Allah Almighty you can’t imagine. Your imagination in limits. How you can imagine unlimited? Therefore foolish people asking “Show us to believe.” If one Grand Wali was saying, “If I am showing you, you can recognize Him? I am showing you one photograph. If no written the name, even on newspaper, you are not knowing who he is, how you can recognize something that never going to be in your imagination?” Yes, Allah Almighty.

When Prophet’s knowledge stopping for the meaning of “karramna”, this word that gives us value of sons of Adam. Prophet, peace be upon him, stop him. He knows that no one knows about the value of sons of Adam. And he gives value for sons of Adam no one can give except Allah Almighty. And Allah Almighty giving value to sons of Adam, no one can know the amount of that value.

We may say something on the value of sons of Adam to be an idea about that value. Whole Universe, one man is more valuable from whole Universe. No including man, not this world – we may kill one man for one town. Yes?

Understanding? We may kill man for nothing. We may kill, we may… We are intending now. East intending to kill whole Western people. Western people, they are taking care to kill whole Eastern countries also. And one man is more valuable, not from this earth, whole Universe.

If your computers may do some numbers through figure for value, whole computers, make them to work for giving a value to take a figure or number for whole Universe, I think that for London they are going to be tired. What about whole world? What about whole Universe?

If they give a figure about the value, one man is more than that. If comes another Universe like this also without man, one man is more valuable. If comes 10 ones, yet it is going to be more valuable. If coming 1,000, it is going to be more valuable also. If you bring million, billions, going that one more valuable.

This is a knowledge from Awliyas’ knowledge. Not we are knowing that what they are saying now. Therefore, who asking pleasure of his Lord, as much as you may give value for His servants, for the sons of Adam, then you are giving pleasure to your Lord.

Understanding? Listening? Hearing? Or I am shouting too much? Allah Almighty gives us understanding. That is nuqsan, missing. We are missing that. No understanding.

In 20th century, no understanding people living. They are claiming they are understanding everything, but not value of man. You may understand everything except the value of man.

If you’re understanding, we are putting on everyone’s head a crown coming from heavens. Awliyas looking man and seeing that on everyone’s head there is crowns, heavenly crowns. But blind men no seeing, never seeing. Make light in your heart little by little, little by little it is going to appear that everyone carrying heavenly crowns.

As much as you are giving value to sons of Adam, you are taking more value in Divine Presence. Advancing, advancing in Divine Presence. Now we are coming in contrary of this. What is the most guilty person? Guilty or biggest sin.

What is biggest sin? What is biggest sin in Divine Presence? Biggest sin not to make shirk ala ra’asak, to make people not giving value to people. Understanding? Who never giving a person value, that is biggest sinner. We are giving value people, firstly, if they are rich one, secondly, if they are powerful one, thirdly, if they are young one, fourthly, if they are beautiful one, or handsome one, or healthy one, or wealthy one, bright one. We are saying that.

Not we are making among sons of Adam ugly one, old one, not bright one, black one, yellow one, red one, poor one, weak one, such a things we are, sick one also, saying and throwing them away, not giving value. That is big sin for everyone to look their forms or their figures.

In our time, we are giving value according to their figures. Allah Almighty, Qadir. Enough Powerful, enough Artful also to give everyone most beautiful shapes, figures, but He is examining, trying His people if they are looking the meaning of sons of Adam or not.

But our heart eyes veiled therefore we are not looking the meaning that “Sons of Adam” has been given by their Lord.

We are only looking their outward looking. As satan just look to Adam from out-looking and not making sajda. If he was looking what is the meaning of Adam, what reality-meaning he was carrying, satan was going to be the first one making sajda. But he looked outward looking and he said “You created Adam from clay. How I am making sajda?” That is foolishness.

That foolishness going among people in 20th century mostly. You are looking figure like satan who was looking Adam created from clay. “How I am respecting him?” Not looking what is the meaning of Adam that makes him to be respected by whole Universe.

Whole malaika, whole angels making sajda to him. And now satan established his sovereignty on whole world, letting people to look one to each other to their forms, to their figures.

That is big sin, or biggest sin. And whole must be punished. Must be punished. And it is from Divinely punishment that East going to be most enemy to West, and West going to be most enemy to East.

Here we are speaking on Awliyas’ knowledge that they are granting us. And we are trying to take away enmity among people. To take away. To make people to look each other and seeing them crowned, divinely crowned, heavenly crowned people, and give their respect to everyone.

Therefore, Grandsheikh was saying “The meaning of tariqat for me, to give respect to everyone.”

Keep this and you are going to be respectful among creatures on earth and on heavens.

And we are saying: astaghfirullah astaghfirullah astaghfirullah. For everyone, astaghfirullah astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah.

And we are thanking to Allah Almighty, Alhamdulillah for His endless favours and mercy for us. Alhamdulillah wa-shukrulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Wa shukrulillah. Bi hurmati-l Habib, bi hurmati-l Fatiha.

Shaykh Nazim Al-Haqqani ق sohbat, 11 June 1984

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