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How Do the Different Spiritual Traditions Relate to Each Other?

People often ask us how different spiritual traditions relate to each other. Sometimes someone with a certain religiouis tradition in their family background feels it would be somehow disloyal of them to change to another spiritual path. So they come and ask, “What should I do?”

In this video, Sidi Farhat Jouini lightens the load on hearts by explaining how all authentic spiritual traditions relate to one another, as each is part of a great dynasty.

When someone accepts a spiritual pathwhose historical appearance is later than their family’s religious tradition, that does not been they are throwing away their former religion. Rather, it is like adding another precious stone into a crown of rubies, emeralds and diamonds.

2 thoughts on “How Do the Different Spiritual Traditions Relate to Each Other?”

  1. هل علي أن أنام وانا استمع؟
    واللغة انا عربي والإنجليزي عشر وضايع سامحني

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