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How to Achieve Peace of Mind in an Era of Stress (and coronavirus anxiety)


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Humanity is entering a period of guidance and awakening, where people—those who are paying attention—will find peace of mind, and healing of bodies and hearts.

In normal life, many of us have little time to stop and think. But now we do.

And it’s a gift.

The coronavirus era is a demanding time, because it is generating anxiety. But not for everyone.

So what’s the difference in perspective?


A’uthu billahi min ash-shaytani-r rajeem. Bismillahi-r Rahmani-r Raheem. Madad ya Saidi. Destour ya rijal Allah.

We’re asking support. We’re asking for our hearts peace. We’re asking healing for our bodies and our minds and our hearts. We’re asking for our hearts to meet. Through this short talk, we’re asking to share some of what we are understanding from this period, from this very special and very, hopefully very healing and guidance, guiding period.

Bismillahi-r Rahmani-r Raheem.

I have this deep feeling that what we’re seeing now is going to be the big opening of guidance, of awakening to many people, many good people. Many of us, we don’t have the time normally to stop and think. We are running, we have priorities. We have practice of work, of children, of responsibilities, of… And now we have this big gift of being able to stop and think.

What’s happening now, I have noticed, is demanding. It’s difficult, because it’s generating much anxiety for many people. But I’m noticing that people of faith, what we call believers—people who believe that there is a hand above us, there is energy, there is meaning to everything, there is wisdom behind everything, that there is an Almighty Creator above all of us, that there is destiny we’re going to—I see with these people more ease to face to this period.

Obviously, everyone has to (and this is advice coming from every side) we have to use the causes of healing, we have to be careful, we have to practice the right distance, we have to be careful about our hygiene, we have to…

There’s is no doubt we have to fulfill all of this as best as we can. But I see with believers, while doing this, there is this submission, there is this peace of mind that, do what you have to do, and then what’s coming to you will come. More even, do what you have to do, but if you are good, a good one, your goodness will be protecting you even more. That there is a merciful Lord. That there are angelic forces.

That as Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said, Assadaqatu tadfa’u massari’a as-su. Charity protects you from bad end, we may say. Charity we’ll protect you from accidents of life. A charity will protect our health and protect our loved ones. The mercy will show to each other, will bring to us mercy from the Divine.

My point is, beyond and above charitable acts and beyond even of being good, to stop and think about how fruitful it is today to be a believer. Because as Jesus peace be upon him said, A tree is known by its fruit. Many of us ask questions about things we don’t know. And we say maybe in the… Well I don’t know about these questions. Maybe I’ll get an answer sometime. Well right away, we can see some guiding traces of an answer. Because if in times of genuine anxiety, in times of a genuine difficulty, you know the heart does not lie.

The mind plays all kinds of games. But the heart does not lie. When you feel peace in your heart, you feel peace of… you feel trust in the future. You feel you can count on unseen forces, such as Divine forces, angelic forces. Well, that means there is something true there. If intuitively we feel peaceful, its because there is something there. There’s something in our hearts trying to tell us” “Believe!”

So the believers are at peace. And the good ones are trusting. And this is what I feel we have to advise each other about. Those of us were hesitating at the threshold of faith, to take the courageous step to explore. Those of us who are not sure about the Divine, and not sure… because we’re conditioned to believe so, we should explore establishing a relationship to the Divine, a relationship to the unseen, for the unseen is around us every day.

Love is there, but it’s unseen. Life energy is there, but it’s unseen. Feelings are there, but they’re unseen. The Divine is there, but is unseen. May we, may this sharing find a room in our hearts, to grow.

May this seed be a seed of goodness, shared between us. Wassalam alaikoum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh


3 thoughts on “How to Achieve Peace of Mind in an Era of Stress (and coronavirus anxiety)”

  1. Yassin-Wajih Uddin Sheikh

    Beautiful is Our Jama’at. Beautiful is My Tareeq. Beautiful is our Sheikh QS. Subhan Allah wa be hamdihi. Subhan Allahilzeem. Shukar Allah. Shukar Alhamdulillah.
    Beautiful are My Elders. and Beautiful is this unseen bond, these tidings of hearts. Subhan Allah. Shukar Allah. Shukar Alhamdulillah. Bismillah.

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