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Key Concepts in Islam: CMC Lecture Series


By Mama Habiba – Where do you start if you’re looking to learn about the key concepts in Islam? The oceans of spritual knowledge and wisdom are so vast, that even a lifetime of study is not enough!

In Ramadan 2020, where people are in forced seclusion and have time to devote to learnng, a particularly interesting free lecture prograim has made its appearance.

Ramadan LIVE, set up by the Cambridge Muslim College, offers series of talks from Muslim scholars around the world

The Founder and Dean of CMC, Shaykh Abdul Hakim Murad, a.k.a. Tim Winter, describes the Rambadan program in the video below.


Here’s the introductory lecture on The Book of Fasting from Imam Gazali’s Ihya Ulum ud Din.


The next video talks about the unique way stories are told in the Holy Quran, as an introduction to a series of lectures entitled Lessons from the Cave.


To learn more about keyconcepts inIslam and find out when the next live broadcast is, consult the CMC Ramadan LIVE program page.

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