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O My Lord, Leave my Heart to be in Ramadhan! – Shaykh Nazim

Ask to Remain in Ramadhan’s Mercy Oceans After Ramadhan

A talk by Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al Haqqani at the end of Ramadhan 1984

Now, Alhamdulillah, another night of Ramadhan has passed, and our egoes are saying, “One more (day) is gone, one more (day) is gone of Holy Ramadhan.”

Our souls are crying, but our egoes are laughing, enjoying so much.“Oh, fasting is going (finishing) quickly.  Then, after Ramadhan finishes, every day we can eat – two times, three times, five times a day, like animals; ten times – eating and enjoying.”

But our souls, our spirits, are crying.


Because during Ramadhan, they are receiving this Divine Manifestation, these Mercy Oceans, which are opened now. But when Ramadhan goes, all this will stop, because this manifestation is only for one month.

The one who can carry on with the same actions, the same intentions, as during Ramadhan, will continue to remain in the same manifestation of Mercy, during the whole year.

But the one who leaves them, that Mercy will also leave him.

Therefore, you must be careful when Ramadhan is finished, you must ask from our Lord,

O my Lord, leave me in Ramadhan, leave my heart to be with Ramadhan. Bodily (Physically) I am going away from Ramadhan, but let my Soul be in those Mercy Oceans that You opened during Ramadhan.

Shaykh Nazim al Haqqani Ramadhan talkThen you will swim in those Oceans until the next Ramadhan and that next one will be more than this one because our Lord’s giving is not like ours or like what we understand.

Our Lord’s giving is beyond our imagination, and this year’s Mercy is more than that which descended, one year ago. This Rahmah, these Mercy Oceans, are so great that the past Ramadhan’s Mercy is only one drop beside the Mercy Oceans of this year.

He is Allah; He gives. You must understand from this, how Allah Almighty gives – gives without end.

Yes. This year’s Mercy is only a drop when compared to next Ramadhan’s Mercy Oceans, it is always increasing. Allah Almighty never likes a person to be on the same level every day; every day you must grow, you must progress.

Ask for more. And we are asking,

O our Lord, grant us from Your Mercy Oceans. We do not know what to ask. No matter how much we may ask, it is nothing compared to what You are giving to us, O our Lord.

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil al Haqqani ق
Towards the Divine Presence, Book One
London talks1984

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