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Ramadan Fastbreaking Music – أناشيد الإفطار


Here is some of the Ramadan fastbreaking music we like to listen to at iftar time.

The clip above is a favourite in the Arab world, by the Egyptian reciter and munshid Sheikh Sayed El Nakshbandy. Its title is مولاي إني ببابك قد بسطت يدي or O My Lord, I am at Your Door, Extending my Hands.

The video below is Sheikh El Nakshbandy in الله يا الله or Allah, Ya Allah!

Next is أسماء الله الحسنى or the Most Beautiful Names of Allah, also with Sheikh El Nakshbandy.

Next up is a piece with Tawfiq Al-Munajjid, Suleiman Daoud and Hamza Shakour entitled بحمدك يا الهي بدأت قولي. We translate it as I’m Starting my Words Giving You Thanks.

The nasheed below is يارب كرمك علينا يارب نصرك معانا or O Lord, Shower Us with Your Generosity, O Lord, Make Your Victory our Companion, again with Sheikh El Nakshbandy.

Are these your favourites too? Dp you have other fastbreaking music recommendations? Please leave a comment.

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