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The Secret of April’s Rain

Words from Maulana Shaykh Nazim al Haqqani

“We all know that the Lord of Heavens created four seasons on Earth, and of those seasons, spring is known for its rain; there is something very special and valuable about spring rain which falls in March, April and May. Yet the most precious month of spring is April, and there is wisdom and reasons for that month being so special. It has been selected to have such a quality because the Seal of the Prophets (saw), the Most Beloved One for whose honor all was created, was born in April!

Heavenly knowledge reaches some special, chosen and selected people, and it has also reached Maulana through Grandshaykh (qs). Knowledge that April rain is special, is hidden knowledge and it carries hidden treasures that are hidden wisdoms. Of the twelve months, April is so beloved and hence, the most valuable treasures are granted in that month. In April, the Lord of Heavens sends a special and blessed rain from the heavens; such rain that reaches Earth and gives it new life. If it did not rain in April, the Earth would dry out and nothing more would grow on it.

It is well-known to heavenly, holy people that, blessed April rain comes from under the Holy Throne. If one drop of that blessed rain falls onto the earthly rain clouds, all that rain takes barakah, blessings from it, then that rain gives new life to everything – it changes them and takes terrible burdens from everything, particularly from Man.

And whoever knows that secret wisdom will stand under that rain, allowing it to completely touch their bodies. When those drops of April’s rain fall, even the fishes in the oceans come up, opening their mouths to reach just one drop of that blessed rain, they are opening their mouths and waiting at the ocean’s surface. Allahu akbar! All of creation is waiting to reach those Divine Waves of Mercy.”

–  Shaykh Nazim al Haqqani

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