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How to Read Quran Iif You Don’t Know Arabic


How to read Quran if you don’t know Arabic? Mama Habiba suggests a simple way to listen and read a translation of the Holy Quran at the same time.

She explains how to use a simple app so that speakers of different languages can explore the Holy Quran and start understanding its meanings.

Many people struggle to read and understand the Noble Quran in Arabic.

For those whose first languae is not Arabic, using this method may help you deepen your understanding of the Last Revelation, while you absorb the sublime energy of its recitation in Arabic.
You’ll also find yourself picking up more and more Arabic words, quite easily.

In an earlier video, I talked at length about the iQuran app and its features. That post also gives a full list of the many reciters and languages available in the Pro version.



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